Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Stumped for the holidays?

"Happy Holidays everyone!" "I can't believe that it is almost Christmas!"
      Yes, I know these are common phrases you are hearing everyday right about now...
I know most of our spirits may be down currently, but that does not mean that we can't come together and enjoy the best time of the year. I don't know about you, but this time of year use to be one of my favorites... but when "Adulting" started happening it became more stressful than positive. With that being said I know I am not the only one feeling this way, so this year I decided to turn over a new leaf and to create a plan of action. In hopes that this can help some of you feel more at ease. As well as truly help those last minute shoppers get some creative brownie points this year. By nature I am naturally a planner and enjoy being ahead of the game, which also means my gifts are always the best because I truly think them out. Also by doing this, it allows you to really lock down and budget your money correctly. The goal is to NOT shop till you drop.

First things first, you must determine who you are shopping for. By making a list on who you attend to buy for, will make things much easier... next to the name jot down a few characteristics about that person or ideas of items that you think they may like. Set your price range for each person (Rough estimate), this will allow you to be able to calculate and see how much you are actually spending.

Next, be on the hunt for unique items! Nothing is better than a unique gift, much more thoughtful than that last minute gift card. Be on the look out for sales! Yes this means you may be having to deal with Black Friday or Cyber Monday. But not all great deals are going on then. Just do your research.

Check out cool sites like Etsy, and support your small businesses! On there you can find just about anything.
Check out catalogs such as lake Side Collections, which now has an online site to shop as well.
I figured most of us are visual right? So thank you so much for reading through all of this, now here are some pictures of gift ideas.

1. For that handyman you may know, here is an item from (Lakeside Collection: Rolling Work Seat with Built in tool box $85.98)

2. For the kiddos, (Lakeside Collection: Step-to-play Piano Mat $19.98)

3. For her, (Lake Side Collection: Metal Monogram Wine Cork Holder $6.98)

(Now a couple items from the shop Etsy)

One of my Favorite beauty retailers is SEPHORA, so yes some of my xmas gifts come from here. Here are a couple ideas. Another secret is to buy sets and break them up to make your own mini makeup bags.

The coolest part about the Fragrance sampler is that they get to try out the samples, and which ever one if there favorite they can bring in the Voucher and redeem a full size fragrance. They make them for men and women so it makes your life easier and less guessing weather or not they like the fragrance you bought them. 

Alrighty loves, so I know this was a super long post... But I owe it to you for my absence. Please comment down below if you found this helpful, also comment your holiday gift ideas as well! 

XOXO Sedona 

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